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Non-Slip Extra Support Standing Mat

$59.90 $179.99

"If you ever had a job where you had to stand on your feet for hours, you hopefully has one of these, they DO make a huge difference. They enable you to still feel like cooking a big meal because you are not needing to sit down because your feet are hurting, or can't hardly complete a shift because your whole body feels worn out simple due to standing on a hard floor. This is the solution, if your feet ever hurt from standing around in the kitchen or wherever, get one of these, your feet will thank you." - Douglas C., WA

Get a great discount on our Non-Slip Extra Support Standing Mat while the SPRING SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $179.99.


  • Extra thick (0.47 inch / 1.2 cm) standing mats are ergonomically designed for your comfort and are perfect choice for people who spends a lot of time on their feet at work or at home
  • Cushioned support help improve circulation and posture while maintaining the firmness needed to keep a steady footing
  • Our extra support mats are made of premium quality PVC material making it convenient to clean up and will not collect dirt
  • The material repels water, liquids, oils or stains and if anything spills, it makes an effortless clean up
  • Simply wipe them off with a damp cloth and a hand-held vacuum can be used if needed
  • Grid pattern surface never wrinkles and gives a premium texture without collecting debris
  • The non skid washable mats are designed with advanced beveled edge and non-slip backing helpful to protect you from slippage and tripping
  • Non-slip PVC bottom is manufactured so that they do not move around like other mats while a slight texture on the top makes them slip resistant


  • Dimensions: 45 x 75 cm / 17.72 x 29.53 inch