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Day and Night Anti-Glare Car Windshield Visor

$39.90 $119.99

"So surprised! I saw this item and thought it might be helpful when driving with the sun in my eyes, especially at sunrise and sunset. It is excellent for that, it blocks the sun yet I can still see traffic lights! I was surprised by the clarity of everything looking through the lenses, so clear and no glare! Easy to install or take off. Best thing I've ordered online in a long time!!" - Pat W., CA

Get a great discount on our Day and Night Anti-Glare Car Windshield Visor while the SPRING SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $119.99.


  • Application: Day and Night
  • Protect interior space from heat and UV rays
  • Protect eyes while driving
  • Help against sudden light from bright sunshine and coming vehicles
  • Particularly useful in low winter sunshine when existing sun visor is inadequate
  • Fold for neat storage when not in use
  • Free rotation mount makes it easy to switch between day and night visors


      • Dimensions11.8x5.11 inch