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2x Rechargeable High Capacity Batteries for DashCam HD PRO


"Saved me in an accident, probably would have been ruled my fault if not for the evidence. ūüėČ You can have more peace of mind knowing the video doesn't lie! Definitely getting another one for my other car."¬†- David M., FL

Get a great discount on our 2x Rechargeable High Capacity Battery for DashCam HD PRO while the SPRING SALE is on.


  • Make Your DashCam Wireless!¬†
  • With our rechargeable, high-capacity batteries designed specifically for Dashcam HD PRO, you will be able to use your Dashcam HD PRO wirelessly even outside of your car.¬†
  • Dashcam HD PRO doesn't need a battery to function; it is powered through the car charger.
  • The battery is charged via the Dashcam HD PRO while driving.


  • Fully Compatible with¬†DashCam HD PRO
  • Battery Type:¬†Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Capacity:¬† 1020mAh
  • Battery Model: BL-5C